Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Vibe, The Vibe--Maintaining and Spiritual Dumps

As I have been traveling to give my talks these past few weeks I have taken the opportunity to visit sacred sites listed in my book (Sacred Sites in North Star Country.) While the places visited have held up well, parts of certain places have deteriorated--places where prayer or meditation does not take place. PARTICULARLY PLACES WHERE PEOPLE HAVE HAD CATHARTIC EXPERIENCES AND TOOK THE EQUIVALENT OF A  SPIRITUAL DUMP. We leave imprints wherever we go. If we dump a bunch of negative baggage during a sweat lodge, or something similar--that baggage stays there--YUK. That is why Earth Healers and Keepers must regularly spiritually clean places. I will write more about this in the future.

Acting in a sacred manner when at a sacred site, using a Welcome Circle or area before  you enter sacred space are critical things to do. And if you take some pictures make sure you counter your actions with lots of prayer and meditation.

It's all about the VIBE!!! A sacred site needs to be activated and maintained through positive and loving human intention. As I said in Sacred Sites--"Mother Earth needs us to achieve Her fullest potential and we need Her to Achieve ours."

Sorry for the rant, or lecture...It is critical to act in a Sacred Manner when visiting places.
Unfortunately, I will probably keep posting about this.


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