Monday, April 3, 2017

Utica's Old Main Orbs

In preparing for my talk to Oneida Historical Society in Utica on Saturday I noticed orbs and a mysterious light in my photographs. They are pictures of the former Utica Psychiatric, belovedly   known as Old Main. It was one of the first mental health institutions to employ a "moral treatment" approach  by compassionately treating the mentally ill. At the time the mentally ill were locked up and de facto had the key thrown away. 

While Utica Psych has gotten flak for its notorious "Utica Crib", a restraining device. It clearly embodied a strong intent to help and even heal people--patients had their own newspaper, could work outside because it was believed outdoor work helped cure......

Interesting that I never noticed the orbs before. But it clearly appears that there is something on the right side of the pictures.

The picture above shows a vertical red light. It appears to be in front of the trees, maybe even close to the dogs. I took this picture before the others.

 In the picture above you can see a large ball of light area by Old Main to the right of the trees. It appears to be an orb.

The picture above was taken seconds after the previous pic. The ball of light (orb) seems to be descending.  On second look the orbs have a red tinge to them, like the first picture of a red vertical light.

Does the sequence of pictures show a red ball of energy expand as it moves towards Old Main and then disintegrate?

The dogs are lying in the center of a large Field of Consciousness(FOC.) And while FOC emit Consciousness they also emit Energy/electromagnetic energy.

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