Friday, April 14, 2017

Space The Final Frontier--Charged Ley Lines

I have gone back to posting on YouTube at MotherEarthPrayers after 5-6 years. I will be producing a series "Space the Final Frontier" that believes that the Final Frontier is within us and next to us and not in outer space, or with technology. The series will explore the mystical world, Mother Earth and how to raise your consciousness and our collective consciousness. 

The "Charged Ley Line" video is a condensed version of a presentation I gave to the Finger Lakes Dowsers on January 19, 2017. It tells about Ley Lines, Charged Ley Lines and concludes with a meditation. Meditating on a Ley Line significantly increases the benefits and experience of meditation and will not only charge the Ley Line, but the space around it. It is a powerful tool, for you to use and that can benefit all of humanity and Mother Earth as well. If we are going to make a better world and raise our collective consciousness it is critical we charge Ley Lines and get Mother Earth's architecture in proper working order. The video contains numerous pictures of Charged Lines and the ancient stone structure that mark them and help retain their charge. 

It should be noted that my talk at the ASD conference in Saratoga Springs Sunday (June 18) is titled Space the Final Frontier. I will also be leading group meditation on Ley Lines Lunch time and Dinner time at the conference; so you can help charge a Ley Line and purify and empower Mother Earth.

Space The Final Frontier--Charged Ley Lines

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