Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Gossamer Wood--Reporters visit, New Stone Circles ---Sacred Sites Update

Bill Dewey, Janice Carr and I (Madis Senner) gave Mike Murphy of the Canandaigua Daily Messenger a tour of Gossamer Wood today ahead of our Open House this Saturday.

 Mike and Bill on the Lover's Trail looking ahead at the Pyramid of Time.

 Mike with recorder in hand interviewing Bill in the Welcome Circle. We put a temporary canopy up in the Welcome Circle ahead of the Open House this Saturday in case it rains.

 Janice and Mike chatting near the main bridge over the creek.

It's a Boy, No a Girl, No it's a Vortex Ring

Congrats to everyone that has worked on, fussed about, or meditated in the new Welcome Circle. A Vortex ring, a precursor to an Energy Vortex, or what I call a Natural Vortex has formed. A Vortex Ring is the final stage before a full blown Energy Vortex forms. Janice, Donna C. and I first built the Welcome Circle in November of 2016, Since then Bill, Donna L., Kareen, Jamie, John and Brooke have worked to spruce it up. Janice has spent a few hours meditating in it. One of our goals was to have a Natural Vortex form in it.

 I placed a circled of stones around the Vortex Ring to help nurse along and hasten the formation of an Energy Vortex.

 Kudo's to the Gossamer Keepers and Earth Healers. Thanks. This is what it is all about co-creating a new birth with our Mother.

 Bill has worked hard to clear the Spirit Keepers Circle. Since it is so huge and even though there are numerous meditative flat stones on the ground within it  I thought it would be nice to add a stone circle in the Spirit Keepers Circle.

A little elbow grease--clearing, meditating--has revealed a few larger flat stones in the ground in the Spirit Keepers' Circle..  Were these natural, or were they placed there thousands of years ago and earth has accumulated around them covering them up.

Spirit Keepers Energy Vortex Update--I first found this vortex in November of 2016 and it has a diameter of about 3-4 feet. Today it is easily 10 feet in diameter and is very potent. Look for the pink tape and a large stone between 2 trees within the Spirit Keeper's Circle.

Mike shot a video of me talking about and explaining the Energy Vortex in the Spirit Keepers Circle. Let's hope he posts it to their website.

Hope to see you all Saturday for what should be a wonderful and blessed day.


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