Saturday, August 18, 2018

Keepers Work At Gossamer Wood

We had a productive day at Gossamer Wood today with trail work and site improvement. The heavy rain the past weeks caused a runoff from the field on the north side. I used it as an opportunity to see where the water was coming from and dug a few drainage ditches on the Bright Moon Trail. The ditches still need some work. But the rain was a blessing because it gave us a chance to put in drainage ditches in preparation for spring floods next year. Thanks God.

New Benches Added
One of the things we learned from Open House 2 weeks ago was to have more places with benches for people to sit on. To that affect Bill built some benches which he and John located in several places. The benches have posts that needed to be buried in the ground.

 The entry way now has a bench.

 Check out the Bower, so named by PMH Atwater.

 The Field now has two benches.

The Spirit Keepers Circle
Kudo's to Helen that uprooted much of the scrabble in the Spirit Keepers Circle. All of the rain in recent weeks has made the earth soggy making pulling up small scrub root and all easier that way they don't have to be cut because there is nothing to grow back.

Helen did an incredible job as the picture shows. It looks so clean. Well Done! 

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