Monday, August 27, 2018

Look What the Dome Drew! An Image only a Water Dowser Can Appreciate

An image of Jesus in a piece of toast, unusual sightings of holy figures in the sky, the  orb in Da Vinci's picture.... We have all heard of mysterious figures appearing happen stance in nature and in every day items such as a potato chips.

Well I had a unusual figure appear in my backyard after I mowed my lawn last Thursday. Grass clippings  formed a perfect circle on the ground. When I noticed  it on Saturday I thought someone may have been pranking me. But as I thought about it more the circle of grass clippings was very close to, or directly over the spiral of a water dome in my backyard.

The implication is that somehow the spiral had influenced me to unconsciously create the circle, or that the pull of the spiral's energy had drawn the grass. Remember a spiral ultimately has a circular form. So the circle of grass clippings  is replicating the underlying flow of energy,

In the picture above the circle of grass clippings is just left of center. My dowsing rods on the upper right mark the center of the spiral for the water dome.

In the picture above I marked the center of the spiral with an X. The spiral extends several more feet beyond the circle of grass clippings. So the circle is well contained within the spiral.

8/29--My friend Joe commented that it is probably a faery ring.

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