Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Keepers Work This Saturday 8/18 at Gossamer Wood and other Events

Several people have asked about visiting Gossamer Wood on their own. The only people that can visit on their own are Gossamer's Keepers--people that have worked to physically and spiritually heal the property and put in trails. We welcome you to become a Gossamer Keeper and join us for our organized work parties so that you can add to the love at Gossamer Wood and we can get to know you.
We will be having more public events this fall.

Keepers Work--Trail work, cleanup...spiritual work
Gossamer Wood  22225 Sounty Rd 28 Canandaigua
Saturday August 18,
10 AM finishes around 4/5 PM; come when you want stay a little, or a lot

Join us for trail work, cleaning and enhancing the vibe. We tentatively plan to work on finishing the Bright Moon Trail, clearing scrub and enhancing the vibe at the Spirit Keeper's Circle.
Please bring gloves, bug spray and clippers if you have them. Rakes also welcome. Water and food if you plan on spending a few hours.
You may want to bring something to sit on such as a  sportsmen cushion because  we ask everyone to spend time meditating in the Spirit Keepers Circle this Saturday. Earth Healing is part physical, part spiritual.
Remember that there are no bathrooms on the grounds.
Please read the following if you plan on coming, Proper Etiquette When you Visit a Sacred Site in the Woods--From the ASD Digest

Talk on Gossamer Wood,
Thursday 9/20/18 6:30 to 8 PM

The will be an introductory talk and discussion about Gossamer Wood at the Canandaigua Library

Earth Healing
Saturday September 22 11 AM to 3/4 PM
Gossamer Wood
$25 donation

Earth Healing is the ancient practice of healing Mother Earth. Learn how to become a steward of the land. Explore the wonder of Mother Earth’s unseen body and find out how we are connected to Her and each other.
Activities will include instruction in basic geomancy and dowsing. You will participate in meditations and other activities to help you better connect with our Mother as well as educational lectures. Please bring dowsers's L-rods with you, we will have some to use, or you can buy a pair of L-rods for a modest donation.

Practical hands on experience will take place at Gossamer Wood.

Our goal is to make you a capable Earth Healer that can clean up spaces and teach others.  Hopefully a Keeper, so that you can watch over and protect sacred areas such as Gossamer Wood, the Peacemaker's Sanctuary at Onondaga Lake.

Please bring your lunch, L-rods and something to sit on such as a  sportsmen cushion Be aware that there are no bathrooms on the grounds.

Focus/Teaching will be on "Acting in a Sacred Manner"

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