Saturday, August 4, 2018

Gossamer Wood Open House Was Awesome

Today's open house at Gossamer Wood was a huge success.  The write up in the Canandaigua Daily Messenger drew a lot people.  While not everyone was into Earth Energies, many were. It was a lovely gathering of many kindred spirits that love Mother Earth. If you have never been to a gathering of lovers of Mother Earth you should, as it is an incredible spiritual and loving event.

The morning began with a prayer, ceremony and beating of the drum in the Welcome Circle

Kareen gets an A+
We set up a greeting area with tent near the opening.

Kareen greeted people, collected donations, signed up people for our sign up sheet and handed out information literature.  While Bill and I gave people guided tours of the property.

Warm, friendly and hospitable.

Later after everyone was gone Peter and I walked the grounds. I was helping Peter with his ability to dowse for vibe; determine whether a space is positive, or negative. And then gauging  its relative positiveness, or negativeness. Critical work.

As we were leaving Peter suggested we should check out the Greeting Area. Wow. What an incredible vibe, very positive. Peter was spot on, much more positive than anything around it.

Kareen gets an A+ for the love and warmth she greeted people with. And people we receptive and psyched to walk the grounds and it showed. thanks Kareen.

More pictures

The vibe for all of Gossamer Wood is humming. The love and passion everyone--Bill, Donna L, Kareen, John, Jamie, Janice, Peter, Tim, Brooke, Donna C, Mark....and others have applied in their endeavors has palpably enhanced the space. Amazing. Everyone visiting today added to that love.

You have probably heard of someone knitting shawl and praying ceaselessly while they did so. Or holding a prayer stone and praying for a loved one or someone in need for hours on end. Imagine if many people worked on a space they loved with passion and fervor and great joy no matter what they were doing. THAT'S GOSSAMER.


 Parking was at a premium at times.

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Susan Savion said...

I had hoped to come to this nice event. But I had company and so couldn't make it. Beautiful spot.