Saturday, July 8, 2017

Letter to the Editor ASD Digest--Dowsing in a Beta State of Mind

The following is a letter I sent to the Editor of American Society of Dowsers Digest that was published in their summer issue.

Dear ASD Digest Editor,

I was astounded to hear so much mention of brain wave activity at this year’s conference in Saratoga Springs.  Then I remembered reading Alicja Aratyn’s "Ten Commandments for Every Dowser" (ASD Digest, Spring 2017).  She stated that one must enter “alpha state” if they wish to have “accurate dowsing.”  Clearly, she is not alone since several at the conference talked about the same idea.  

While alpha state may be fine for some, I often begin my dowsing with “beta wave” brain activity.

I have no idea what my brain wave activity is when I dowse.  But I vividly remember reading about brain wave activity while researching the use of meditation before beginning a rigorous meditative practice designed to achieve the meditative state of Samadhi.

I read that Buddhist meditation (broadly classified as focus on the breath, mindfulness) begins in alpha state (8 to 12 Hz), while Hindu concentrative meditation (focus on an object) begins in beta state (12 to 38 Hz).  Interestingly, both eventually get to theta state (3 to 8 Hz) and finally to delta (.5 to 3 Hz).

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras teaches us that by concentrating on an object, we eventually merge with it, and in so doing the object reveals itself to us.  When I pursued concentrative meditation on an object, many things were revealed to me out of the blue about the object.  Patanjali also teaches us that once we have achieved Samadhi, we can use deep concentrative meditation (what he calls Samyama) on an object, an image, speech, on the form of the body.  Again, we gain spiritual gifts (powers) or Sidhi’s over those forms that can have us read minds, become invisible, alter our size, levitate, etc.

It seems to me that that the concentrative meditation (Samyama) that Patanjali teaches, and its ensuing Sidhis, would bring innumerable benefits to dowsers -- showering them with insights and answers far beyond anything they are used to.  Granted, many of us may never reach the lofty states of consciousness and meditation required to achieve Samadhi, but I imagine our results would be pretty darn good.

So I ask my fellow dowsers to consider that maybe there is some benefit to learn concentrative meditation and begin dowsing in a beta state of mind.

Madis Senner

            Editor's Note:  According to Madis Senner, Swami Satyananda Saraswati’s book, FourChapters on Freedom, Commentary on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, is an understandable and insightful resource. As he noted in his 2017 ASD Convention presentation, Bihar School has many excellent books from dedicated practitioners that are insightful and provide exercises to supplement your practice.  They also have a free online magazine at 

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