Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sacred Sites Update--Whetstone Gulf

This past weekend on my way to do a review of Thompson park (Watertown) ahead of the sacred walk and talk I will be doing at the Faerie Festival I stopped by Whetstone Gulf (Lowville,NY.) If you have never been to Whetstone or Inman Gulfs I strongly encourage you do so. The views are spectacular. A gulf is a deep gorge left by a glacier and is unique to our area. They are miny grand canyons, or Letchworth's, only smaller, but much more intimate. Besides, you can walk right next to the cliff's edge.

Whetstone is listed as a sacred site on pages 229-230 of Sacred Sites in North Star Country. The space still remains vibrant. When we were there very few people were there. Nice. Below are some pictures of the gulf. 

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