Friday, July 28, 2017

The Elementals probably Fairies of Some Sort are observing our Survey of the Ledges

A few weeks back I posted  Tiny Faeries, Elementals--What are They? asking what were the bright lights in my picture I had taken of mound #19 during our survey of the Ledges area of High Tor. They sure seemed to be elementals of some sorts, most likely faeries. The brightness of the images were undeniable. The post showed a sequence of pictures taken before and after to demonstrate it was not a speck on my lens.

Then today I got a picture from fellow surveyor and official photographer Peter Shell of mound #19 he took with his camera at around the same time. It provides an even clearer picture of what to be Faeries in the same area. Different cameras capturing images around the same time capturing the same images is pretty powerful proof.

Peter's picture is below followed by mine.

 Peter's pic above.

My pic above.

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