Saturday, July 22, 2017

Toxic Algae Blooms In NorthStar Lakes Poses threat

If you plan on visiting some of the sacred sites listed in my book (Sacred Sites in North Star Country) you should be aware that parts of several of our lakes have toxic algae blooms. Swimming in these blooms will certainly harm and may  kill your dog and may do the similar to you as well.

The runoff of farm fertilizers containing phosphorous and nitrogen contribute to the growth of algae bloom.

NYS DEC Maintains a Notifications Page for Harmful  Toxic Algae Blooms 

The listing below is from their website:

1 Agawam Lake Suffolk Confirmed Widespread/Lakewide 7/17/17
2 Allegheny Reservoir* Cattaraugus
3 Ballston Lake  Saratoga
4 Basic Creek Reservoir Albany Suspicious Small localized
5 Beaver Lake Broome Confirmed Small localized
6 Bowne Pond Queens Confirmed Widespread/Lakewide
7 Cayuga Lake* Multiple Confirmed Widespread/Lakewide
8 Chautauqua Lake* Chautauqua Confirmed Large localized
9 Conesus Lake* Livingston Suspicious Small localized 7/12/17
10 Croton Falls Reservoir* Putnam Suspicious Widespread/Lakewide
11 Harlem Meer New York Confirmed Small localized
12 Hiawatha Lake Onondaga Suspicious Small localized
13 Honeoye Lake* Ontario Suspicious Small localized
14 Java Lake Wyoming Confirmed with High Toxins Large 
15 Kissena Lake Queens Confirmed Small localized
16 Lake Carmel Putnam Confirmed Large localized
17 Lake Casse Putnam Suspicious Small localized
18 Lake Lacoma Monroe Confirmed Not reported
19 Lake Neatahwanta Oswego Confirmed Not reported
20 Lake Peekskill Putnam Confirmed Small localized 7
21 Lake Rippowam Westchester Confirmed Not reported
22 Maratooka Lake Suffolk Confirmed Not reported
23 Mill Pond (Watermill) Suffolk Confirmed Widespread/Lakewide
24 Mohegan Lake Westchester Confirmed Open water
25 Montgomery Lake Sullivan Confirmed Small localized
26 Morningside Pond New York Confirmed Small localized
27 Nassau Lake Rensselaer Suspicious Large localized
28 Nooteeming Lake Dutchess Suspicious Small localized
29 Old Town Pond Suffolk Confirmed Widespread/Lakewide
30 Oneida Lake* Multiple Confirmed Large localized
31 Owasco Lake* Cayuga Suspicious Not reported
32 Prospect Park Lake Kings Confirmed with High Toxins Widespread/Lakewide
33 Roaring Brook Lake Putnam Confirmed with High Toxins Small localized
34 Roth Pond Suffolk Confirmed Widespread/Lakewide
35 Round Lake Saratoga Suspicious Small localized
36 Saratoga Lake* Saratoga Confirmed Small localized
37 Smith Pond Steuben Confirmed Open water
38 The Lake in Central Park New York Confirmed with High Toxins Widespread/Lakewide
39 Turtle Pond New York Confirmed with High Toxins Small localized

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