Thursday, July 13, 2017

Tiny Faeries, Elementals--What are They?

I was going through my pictures of our shoot of the Ledges Area of High Tor for a video when I ran across the picture below of mound #19. On the left side you can see two brilliant white objects.

I am used to having orbs in my pictures in highly charged areas with powerful aspects of Mother Earth. But the objects seem to be something else. If so what? A tiny Faery or some sort of other elemental?

The one on the bottom left looks like a faery with wings (cross shaped); Perhaps the one above could be the same thing only viewed farther away.

Peter felt that the objects are not a function of the camera and noted that what is so distinctive about the orbs/elementals is the brilliance of their white light. He pointed out how the background light from the sun in the upper left  of the picture and on the right side pales in comparison to  the sparking brilliance of the objects. He felt that the they are probably some sort of elemental.

Compare the picture above with the orbs in the picture below of mound #12. It clearly shows how bright the images in the first picture are.

I had originally posted about mound number 19 on June 30,  Back to the Ledges at High Tor--What Stone Work. The picture below is mound #19 marked with staffs outlining the stone work. See the picture below.

To better appreciate the white images I have included the sequence of the pictures I took and show that it was not the camera. I shot this sequence of photos quickly and shows how rapidly the white light images came and left.

 The above picture is the picture that I took before the orbs appeared.

 The orb picture.

The picture I took almost immediately after the orbs picture.

Again I often find pictures of orbs in power spots, especially after people have been praying, or meditating there. This is something different. I must add that I think that it is incredibly difficult to photograph an elemental, or nature spirit. I also wonder if they were there because of the powerful energies found at the Ledges; in other words is that what attracted them?

I welcome input and comments. Please share below so that we can all learn.


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