Sunday, July 23, 2017

Space Matters--Cancer Clusters

We live in a sea of consciousness. Everything has consciousness; tables, cars, stones, blinders, clothing, chemicals, food. If this consciousness is negative (selfish), will have a detrimental effect upon you--physically and spiritually.

Everything also retains imprints of what has transpired around it, call it karma. Ultimately everything has karma and whatever you are in close contact with will try and have its karma influence you. This is what I called circles, in Vortices and Spirals (Pages 32-34.)

This morning CBS Sunday morning had a segment on cancer clusters. That particular spaces, environmental areas are conducive to cancer. Not surprisingly industry and science make it difficult to prove. But cancer clusters are very, very real. WE call it geopathic stress.

Here is a link to see the CBS video:

Studying cancer clusters

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