Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tornado Strikes Down Near Casino--AGAIN

The National Weather Service just confirmed that a tornado touched down yesterday in Verona, NY near the Turning Stone Casino.

Here is a link to a video of the tornado.
Tornado Rips Through Vernon, New York

What is interesting is that a tornado touched down in that same area three ago almost to a day.
Reports of possible tornado in Verona

This raises several questions:

  • Why there? Tornadoes are not that common in upstate NY.
  • Repetitive behavior. As I have noted on several occasions the same activity, or thinking at a particular place attracts more of the same.
  • Is this Mother Earth trying to cleanse Herself?
  • more....

As I noted in Vortices and Spirals;
Like us, Mother Earth is ravaged by a variety of negative vortices. The larger ones are well known, such as tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons, and are all very visible and incredibly destructive. All of these violent storms have a counterclockwise (clockwise in the southern hemisphere) spin.
Science tells us that hurricanes and tornadoes begin as violent thunder or rain storms that grow with the convergence of an updraft of warm air, from the surface of the Earth, meeting a cold air downdraft, creating a funnel. The Coriolis Effect causes the funnel to rotate. 

The few times I studied areas where tornadoes landed, I found they manifested within the area of a very, very large negative geographic samskara. As I noted earlier geographic samskaras come in many sizes and can have both positive and negative components. There are also clusters within clusters. Apparently, the paths where tornadoes touch down are in the more negative areas within a larger negative geographic samskara. Again, the population I have examined is small and negative geographic samskaras abound around the world, so to say some place is negative would not be a very differentiating factor. (pages 91-92)

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